Monday, 5 June 2017

Dr James Trauer announced as new head of Epidemiological Modelling Unit

SPHPM is pleased to announce Dr James Trauer as the new head of the School’s Epidemiological Modelling Unit, with Dr Lei Zhang taking over as deputy head. James replaces Professor Manoj Gambhir who has left the organisation.

James’s research interests focus on the effectiveness of tuberculosis (TB) control programs. He continues to contribute to the Australian Tuberculosis Modelling Network (AuTuMN) project. This network provides support and analysis in a number of TB affected countries including Australia’s neighbours Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

Lei is an infectious diseases expert with interest in HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. He has consulted for international organisations including the World Bank and UNAIDS.

Formed in 2008, the unit researches patterns in data pertaining to burden of disease. This helps health planners and policy-makers predict the areas of healthcare that are likely to need additional resources, or in some cases fewer resources in the short, medium and long-term future.

For instance, if an effective vaccine is developed and rolled out with good uptake, it may be prudent to plan for a reduction in resources spent on treating the associated disease. Those resources may be better spent managing a newly emerging health threat.

The Unit’s research aims are to increase community and General Practitioner understanding of modifiable risk factors, help healthcare planning and policy development, forecast disease burden for communicable and non-communicable diseases and translate cutting-edge data analysis method into simple, accessible decision support tools for healthcare professionals. 

We wish James and Lei all the best in their new roles.

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