Friday, 9 June 2017

Meet Edward Zimbudzi, SPHPM PhD student and Monash Nurse of the Year

Edward accepting his award

Did you know the Monash Nurse of the Year 2017 studies among us? Edward Zimbudzi is a part-time PhD student under Professor Sophia Zoungas at the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI). He juggles his study with a clinical nursing role at the Monash Medical Centre, where he serves as a Nurse Manager of a very busy Acute Haemodialysis Unit.

Edward recently won two awards, which are testament to his care and skill as a nurse and his ability to balance work and study. The first is the Monash Nurse of the Year Award 2017, which came with an innovation scholarship. The second was an award for excellence in nursing and midwifery practice.

Edward is originally from Zimbabwe and his experiences there helped him choose renal nursing, particularly haemodialysis as his area of specialty in Australia. He says,

“The hospital in Harare was not as well equipped or staffed as Monash Medical Centre. As a nurse, if equipment broke it wasn’t easy to call in a technician or engineer to fix it, you had to fix it yourself or it stayed broken. I enjoyed that technical aspect so I thought working with dialysis machines would be great. It’s actually given me another interest – building patient capacity to self-manage chronic disease.”

Edward’s PhD explores ways to optimise self-management in patients with diabetes and chronic kidney disease. He says,

“One of the most rewarding things for me as a nurse is seeing the change in patients over the first few dialysis treatments. They come to us very unwell and often pick up very quickly. However, dialysis is something they’ll often need for years or the rest of their life.

“As health professionals we only see them for a few hours in each week. There is great opportunity outside those hours for patients to contribute to their well-being. Giving them the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to do that reduces the burden on the healthcare system, leads to better outcomes such as improved quality of life and a sense of empowerment.”

Edward is looking forward to completing his PhD in late 2018. Congratulations Edward and we wish you all the best in your work and studies.

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