Monday, 2 February 2015

The 6-Pack Falls Prevention Program: From implementation to success

Associate Professor Anna Barker from SPHPM has created a video outlining the findings from the 6-Pack Falls Prevention Program. Read more about the program and access the video link below.

The 6 Pack Program was created to minimise fall related injuries within hospitals through nurse delivery and a targeted approach. The program involved a risk assessment of the patient by nurses followed by an intervention of one of the 6-Pack models. The intervention was determined by the risk level of the patient through the nurse assessment.

The goals of the 6-Pack project were to identify whether the use of the intervention could see a sustainable minimisation of in-hospital related fall injuries in hospitals beyond the first trial. Furthermore, the program intended to explore the implementation through staff to garner understanding of the obstacles in introducing new programs targeting an issue that has been highly prevalent in hospitals. Lastly, 6-Pack sought to do a cost-benefit analysis of the intervention to determine whether the program would be economically beneficial and would be cost-effective for hospitals Australia wide.

The use of the 6-Pack intervention was first implemented in the Northern Hospital with utilisation of the nurse administered risk assessment as well as use of the 6-Pack strategies. The methodology involved a randomised control trial with 40,000 patients from 24 different wards in hospitals Australia wide. Following nine years of observation, the intervention saw a positive affect on in-hospital fractures. The first year of the 6-Pack Program saw a 25% decrease in fall-related injuries with a 50% drop in the second year. Furthermore, this was maintained for a period of five years.

Watch Associate Professor Anna Barker's video, with an in depth explanation of the program's strategies, the difficulties in implementation and the positive results from the induction of 6-Pack in hospitals.

Watch the video here.

Learn more about the program by accessing their website here.